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WaveLan was the name of a family of wireless networking technology.  It's main backers were NCR, AT&T, and Lucent.  It was also sold by many OEM companies.  WaveLan came abouts in 1988 and was used well into the mid 1990's.  WaveLan was later renamed to Orinoco, which was quite popular in itself. 

The History of WaveLan?

The company that originally design WaveLan was Comten, a subsidiary of NCR Corp.  The WaveLan technology lead to the founding of the 802.11 Wireless LAN working committee, which produced the original IEEE 802.11 standard.  This eventually became known as Wi-Fi. 

WaveLan Marketed

WaveLan was marketed by several companies who also marketed their wireless bridges and routers.  Some companies used their technology to developed their own high end bridges.  Lucent's WavePoint II access point was able to accomodate both the classic WaveLan PC cards a and ISA.

Mass Uses

WaveLan wireless cards became enormously popular with schools when the Erate initiative to put wireless into every classroom first started back in the 90s.  You could easily find 1000s of wireless cards attached to every single laptop that was purchased.  Later on it was built into the laptops themselves.

New Features

Now with the latest generation, there are so many enhanced features with the WaveLan cards.  You can connect at almost any speed available.